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Patriot LLC’s Mission / Vision


To provide expertise and technical services beyond what is expected. Our goal is to provide technology based services in tandem with cutting edge solutions and to achieve the highest levels of customer satisfaction. Further, we shall deliver both reliable and “best of breed” services and support to all of our clients and industry partnerships. As Patriot, we pride ourselves on our integrity, technical expertise and strong customer service and support.


Be a leading technology services provider to both the federal and commercial sectors by providing a vast array of technology-based services and support while achieving an exceptional level of customer satisfaction. We maintain a highly qualified, certified and technically competent staff. Specializing in Information Technology and dedicated to supporting the specialized needs of our Clients and Partners globally. The “Stars and Stripes” in our logo design symbolizes our three most important Corporate and Business acumens; our vision, dedication to excellence commitment to our Customers, Employees and Community.

To Our Customers:
  • We exist to serve you
  • We shall deliver excellence on every project and/or assignment
  • We will strive to get the job done on-time, on-budget and with superior quality
  • Our word is everything
To Our Employees:
  • We are a learning Organization, continuously improving
  • We must achieve a reasonable level of financial success so that we can fund growth and reward our employees
  • Work should be an enjoyable part of a well-rounded life
  • We are a team
To Our Community:
  • We are committed to doing what is right for our country and for our community
  • We will treat all people as we wish to be treated
  • We will “give-back” to our community through financial and volunteer activities


Cambridge international
AT&T logo
eKuber- Applications Development and Lifecycle Support Maryland
Vision Tech logo- Infrastructure Support Services Maryland
SAIC- Cyber Security Information Assurance in Maryland
Red-Arch- Networking and Telecommunications with Patriot LLC in Maryland
Northrop- Networking and Telecommunications Maryland
MTBank- Networking and Telecommunications Maryland
Minerva- Partners for Infrastructure Support Services in Maryland
MiCore- Applications Development and Lifecycle Support in Maryland
Mantech- Networking and Telecommunications in Maryland
Eagle- Cyber Security Information Assurance in Maryland
Info Technology- Cyber Security Information Assurance in Maryland