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VoxGlo II

Patriot LLC has joined forces with Minerva Engineering to provide IT Support Services at Fort Meade, MD.  We provide strong information technology expertise, proven best commercial practices, and large-scale systems management. This Program is one of the DoD’s premiere Small Business information technology (IT) outsourcing efforts.

This Program supports both new and ongoing vulnerability analysis and operations activities. The contract requires computer system and network operation and sustainment support; computer network exploitation tactics, techniques, and procedure development support; Blue Team tool development and sustainment support; Security Content Automation Protocol (SCAP) and Trusted Network Connection support; software assurance laboratory support; and data integration, analysis, and reporting support at both Government and Contractor facilities. The work also includes both deliberately planned and quick reaction capability system deployment activities. The primary skill sets which support this Program include:

  • System Administrators (Unix/Linux and Microsoft)
  • Systems Engineers
  • Network Engineers
  • Computer Network Exploitation Analysts


Cambridge international
AT&T logo
eKuber- Applications Development and Lifecycle Support Maryland
Vision Tech logo- Infrastructure Support Services Maryland
SAIC- Cyber Security Information Assurance in Maryland
Red-Arch- Networking and Telecommunications with Patriot LLC in Maryland
Northrop- Networking and Telecommunications Maryland
MTBank- Networking and Telecommunications Maryland
Minerva- Partners for Infrastructure Support Services in Maryland
MiCore- Applications Development and Lifecycle Support in Maryland
Mantech- Networking and Telecommunications in Maryland
Eagle- Cyber Security Information Assurance in Maryland
Info Technology- Cyber Security Information Assurance in Maryland