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Telecom Services by Patriot LLC

Patriot offers a wide range of telecommunications and cabling solutions, each tailored to meet different technical and budgetary requirements specific to your business/organizations needs.  We deliver complete structured cabling systems from initial consultancy and design, to installation and maintenance of complex voice and data network infrastructures. Patriot’s industry certified technicians have experience in virtually every type of working environment; corporate, medical, education, industrial, and retail.

No matter how big or small the network or telecommunication system, the proper cable installation is a crucial foundation to achieving excellent Enterprise Network performance. We take pride in ensuring your installation is completed to specification and satisfaction. Whether large cable plants or small moves/adds and changes, Ventura takes great pride in providing structured cabling solutions that meet or exceed the customer’s expectations.

Contact:, Telephone: 410-381-8015

Patriot possesses the experience, certifications and knowledge of next generation telecom technologies to provide reliable and innovative engineering solutions to your connectivity needs. We are committed to delivering technically superior projects on budget and on time, allowing our clients to maximize the many advantages that state-of-the-art telecom systems offer.


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